Friday, April 15, 2011

Blake being Blake...

Here are just a few snapshots over the last 2 weeks of Blake being Blake...

He LOVES to wear this March of Dimes bucket as a hat!
Practicing being a Big Boy - first thing he asked for was his book!

We got two pairs of sunglasses for him this year! His eyes are SO sensitive to the sun and tear up immediately when he goes outside. He loves his sunglasses and will usually leave them on the whole time he is outside!

Running away from Mommy on Opening Day for the Cardinals! He was very excited that the outfit that Uncle John got him for his 1ST Birthday FINALLY fit him :)

See...there's the bucket again! And yes his whole leg is in the macaroni box - he looks like a pirate!

Rocking out with his 'wee wee wee' (or guitar in Blake speak) he LOVES music!


Lauren said...

ADORABLE! Diggin' the pirate look.

Tommie said...

Sooo cute! Like Lauren, I'm all about the cereal box as a peg leg. Awesome!!